Bomb Attack on (CTD) Police Station in Kabal, Swat | 2023

Two terrorists attacked and then blew themselves up, as per AFP news agency. Saidu Sharif Hospital has declared an emergency and is shifting the injured.

On April 24, 2023, a bomb attack occurred at a Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) police station in Kabal town, Swat. The attack resulted in the deaths of at least three people and caused the building to collapse. Another source reports that at least 12 people were killed and 53 others injured.

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According to police, there were two explosions inside the CTD police station. Attaullah Khan, a police official in the district told AFP news agency that there were two explosions inside the CTD (counter-terrorism Department) police station in Kabal town, Swat district. Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder reported that “The reports indicate that the roof of the counterterrorism department facility … caved in. Eight people have been confirmed dead and rescue efforts are ongoing. They are trying to remove the rubble,”.

According to police, unidentified assailants started firing during which a suicide bombing took place and a second massive explosion occurred within seconds as a result of which houses were damaged up to an area of ​​two (2) km. The building of the police station has been completely destroyed due to the blasts. Police said an emergency has been declared in Saidu Sharif Hospital where the injured were being shifted. Rescue 1122 officials said the operation is being carried out to rescue the people trapped under the debris of the building.

Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa caretaker Chief Minister Muhammad Azam Khan condemned the blasts and offered his heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs. He also directed the authorities concerned to immediately start relief operations and provide timely medical aid to the injured. He termed the incident “highly condemnable and a brutal act”.

This tragic incident has shaken the local community and our thoughts are with those affected by the attack. It is important to note that this is not the first time that Swat has suffered from such a blast. The region has experienced violence in the past and this latest attack is a reminder of the need for continued efforts to ensure safety and security for all residents of Swat.

Another angle of this report from DPO Swat

It has been reported that the blast that occurred in Kabul was not a result of terrorism. Instead, it is believed that the explosion was caused by an electrical short circuit that set off explosive material stored in the CTD police station. The authorities have cautioned journalists to exercise caution while reporting from the site, as there may be more explosive materials buried under the debris. The CTD police station, which is a three-story building, had around fifty personnel present at the time of the incident. The bomb disposal squad has conducted an investigation and found no evidence of any external attack or act of terrorism, according to DPO Swat.

The blast region is also the hometown of Murad Saeed, who has shared his views on this incident in a video twitted on his Twitter handler.

Originally tweeted by Murad Saeed (@MuradSaeedPTI) on April 24, 2023.

In conclusion, this attack is a reminder of the need for continued efforts to ensure the safety and security of all residents of Swat. Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by this tragic event.“`

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