Aam Olas Welfare Organization


Yousaf Jan Utmanzai started the initiative of helping the Pashtun society from the time when he was  working with a radio channel then after some time when he joined the AVT Khyber channel, in which he spent almost 10 years, since that time he was working for the welfare of Pashtun society. After his resignation form AVT Khyber, many people including his family, friends, and individuals from society asked him to continue his aim of helping the society and to create a legal, stable and permanent body in the form of an organization to help and benefit the Pashtun society.

In 2019 Yousaf Jan Utmanzai took a step for the benefit of Pashtun society and created a Welfare Organization by the name of Aam Olas. Aam Olas is a legal body which is registered with the Government of Pakistan Social Welfare Department. The aim of Aam Olas is to minimize the poverty rate in the region of KPK as they have gone through many hardships. Aam Olas started a project for women; they have created a center for them in which they teach them the skills of crafting.

Providing and helping in Education

Aam Olas also facilitates the juvenile groups (children’s) whom are unable to acquire education. Aam Olas aim is to sponsor these Juvenile groups, even they also provide sponsor for those children’s. In education sector they are also providing some basic facilities to students like bags, Books and uniforms. Aam Olas also focuses on drug addicts as it is one of the increasing threat to Pashtun society and many youngsters have fallen into this trap.

Projects for Transgenders

Transgender is one of the fragile and vulnerable communities of any society. The status and life of transgender in Pashtun society is not less than any other society. They are always a sign of misfortune, humiliation and disgrace to both society and family. Aam Olas started a program for them of providing them with skills from which they can easily have their livelihood and become a beneficial and productive member of Pashtun society.

Water Wells

As due to climate change many region worldwide including Pakistan and to be precise kpk is also having the consequences of Global warming and climate change. By focusing on the ground reality Aam Olas started a project, which also includes the supply of drinking water to those region of KPK where there is scarcity and water is dwindling each day. Since Aam Olas has started the drinking water supply project, till date they have drilled approximately 70 to 80 wells in different scattered places of KPK.

Helping the needy ones!

Aam Olas has also started the livelihood project. They are providing help to those who are already into business but because of the scenarios they have been through their businesses collapsed and because of which they are forced to live a low standard life, Aam Olas is helping those individuals and families to retain their life. Aam Olas is also facilitating those families of Pashtun society whom are facing severe financial crises by establishing for them a small business to earn some livelihood.

To stabilize the Pashtun society Aam Olas is also providing a platform for those who want to help and donate by him/her self. Aam Olas will provide information regarding those families who needs help and donator could donate by him/her self. In 2019 Aam Olas facilitates 3-4 foreign organization which are from England and wants to help and stabilize the Pashtun society and these Foreign Organizations are still active till date (ALHAMDULILLAH).

Those who want to come forth and want to be a part of this initiative , where all around good deeds are waiting to get a part from you people; can donate to use via bank transfer with the detail given below. ♥

Account Title: AAM OLAS
IBAN# PK92MUCB1105203831003578

May Allah accept your good deeds and bless you with more happiness and success. (AMEEN)

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