By keeping in mind the true meaning of society and the teachings of Islam, An ethnic TV channel AVT Khyber Ex reporter Yousaf Jan Utmanzai took an initiative and started a social welfare Organization by the name of “Aam Olas” to help the financially weak people of Pashtun society by the donation of the generous, humble, humane and helpful individuals of Pashtun society. Yousaf Jan Utmanzai also runs a YouTube Channel by the name of Yousaf Jan Utmanzai Official. His aim is to highlight and resolve the issues regarding crime, poverty and other social problems in society.

Society! From nomadic period human started living together in groups and with the passage of time, these groups became more complex and some common rules were formed known as norms or principles and thus these groups entered the area of society. The main purpose of creating society was to ensure safety and security. Society means a place where an individual can attain self-respect, physical security and economic or financial security or In short society means correlation.

When we looks into the history of Islamic society the first thing Prophet PBUH did was to develop a correlation between the individuals of a society. Because he knew that without trust, respect and equality none can create a society that’s why when ever he selected a chiefs from different tribes he always reminisced them that they are just the representative of their respective tribes and are no more than an ordinary person in their social status.

Even if we look into the caliphate period precisely into the time interval of Hazrat Umar (R.A). He mentioned his Bureaucracy, Governors and Army chiefs that their social status is no more than an ordinary person rather they are their servants whom aim is to help and secure their civics. He (R.A) was indeed a great ruler he always encouraged his Governors and officers never to bother the finically weak individuals. HE(R.A) never collected taxes from them instead helped them to become stable.

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