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Aam Olas Episode 304

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a family in the region of Dir, Temalgara Kpk. Whom are facing financial issues and more including their four children’s are mentally disabled. After viewing each episode on the Aam Olas platform you’ll say that this family is most affected but each family is more than the other. The scene in this episode is no different.

In this episode, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited the house of Fazal who has eight children. The four of them are normal and the remaining four one boy and three girls are mentally disabled. According to the parents of the disabled one, it’s tough to take care of these disabled especially when they are ill.

Moreover, they said that they both have to be at home as the mother takes care of the daughters and all the stuff and the father’s duty is the taking care and of the boy. Their financial status is too low so they are having many problems and needs help from you people so that they can focus on their disabled children.

As you may have watched the video and would have experienced the Aura of their house. So if want to help them out you can donate on the given number below of the father of the disabled ones.

Fazal Contact#  03452200733

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