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Aam Olas Episode 300

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai reported a case in Batagram, Kpk. Where one brother killed another and according to the Police the father and, brother of the demised one and one other person is involved in this crime. Yousaf Jan Utmanzai always asks people to be patient and even it is mentioned in our religion but none seems to bother. We have covered many such cases just to put forth the outcome or consequences but no such decrease in the crime rate has been recorded.

According to the Police, they were being informed of a murder that took place and they responded on time. The Police officer said that when they visited the crime scene two dead bodies were lying on the floor and no one was around so they took the bodies and sent them for the postmortem. The police moreover said that the father of the demised one vanished from the scene and later on arrested, including one other person and the culprit who is the brother to the demised one is an absconder.

One of the arrested suspects is the father of the demised one as mentioned before and is 70 years old. He said that he wasn’t aware of this incident. At that time he was in the mosque performing the prayer and then went to fetch some fresh milk. The father of the demised said that when he reached home he saw the two dead bodies on the floor of his son and another of his daughter-in-law. As the children also witnessed the scene so I took them to some’s house and then went back to my house and the police were there and arrested me.

According to the second suspect, he said both of the brothers had issues with each other regarding the patrimony, and many times we tried to resolve this issue of 4-5 marla of the land but it doesn’t work and now someone told the police that I’m also involved in this crime.

Keeping, all this aside and coming to reality. The impatience of one brother led to the destruction of a whole family. One brother died, the second is a killer and became an absconder, their 70 years old father is in jail, and five orphans.

Again think hundred times before you take a step, keep in mind the consequence and be patient.

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  1. اسلام علیکم یوسف جان بہائ ۔پشاور کے چارلی چپلن ۔سے ملاقات کرے بہت اچہااداکار ہے۔ کوی پروگرام کرے۔شکریہ۔۔

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