Aam Olas: Ep # (48) | Da Chitral Safar ( Kalash Valley ) — Part 1

Aam Olas Episode 48

Pakistan is the land of beauty. Every corner of it has its own aura. In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited Kailash Valley to present the portrait and interpret their culture and aura in Pashto.  In this visit to Kailash valley, his guide is Abid, who is living between them for many years. Yousaf Jan Utmanzai first visited the place where they keep their demised once and make grief and all the area residents comes and joins them. According to the guide their funeral coast more than their wedding as they sacrifice different animals and also they burry different items even the packet of cigarettes with the demised one, as they have faith in life after death.

While talking to one of the female residents of the valley. She said that the Panjabi tourist is better as compared to the Pukhtoons because the Pukhtoons gaze too much which irritates us. When Yousaf Jan Utmanzai heard it from that girl you can clearly see an embarrassment on his face. We are not trying to portrait a negative image of the Pukhtoons. There is a common saying that there are good and bad individuals in every society, culture, and civilization, what we are trying to say is to forbid such types of acts that can portray a negative picture of pukhtoons.

Yousaf Jan Utmanzai also met a senior resident of the Valley subidar major Teka khan. When Yousaf Jan Utmanzai asks a question regarding the crimes, his reply was unexpected, he said there are no crimes in the Kailash valley, even Yousaf Jan Utmanzai was amazed to hear that.

The resident of Kailash valley also mentioned that the government should focus on the Kailash valley because its infrastructure is in the worst condition; roads are dilapidated and so on. According to the resident ANP government has done much for the Kailash valley especially in the education sector and the PTI government till now, there achievements are none.

Later on, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited the graveyard. According to the guide, they first didn’t Bury their dead, they used to put it in a coffin and kept it above the soil but later on they start burying it under soil because of the Muslim, as they would take all the items they put in the coffin.  The total population of Kailash culture people is 5500. Their population in the past was almost 7000 but later on it reduced to 5500. In their family, some of them are following the Kailash religion but some are now the followers of Islam. There is a misconception that the Kailash people abundant there Muslim relatives but that is wrong they live together or in some cases, they built a new house for them.

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