Story of Dolphin Ayan & Our Society

In this video clip of AamOlas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed a transgender. Transgender’s is a deprived community in almost every society. The term transgender or shemale is used for those individuals of a society whom from birth is different from the common sex like women and man due to their physical appearance. When we look in to the history and also in the present transgender are being kept deprived from almost ever basic facilities even their families abundant them and for survival and to live a livelihood they would do anything from dancing to prostitution. Because of deprivation they are not able to get education and thus they are kept in the dark especially in the third world country and also somehow in the 1st and 2nd world countries.

Dolphin Ayan & Our Society

This time the scene is different the person whom Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed is a literate, talented, topper of his college and a civil engineering named dolphin or mentioned as dolphin ayan which is just a field name and not his real identity. Dolphin was an Edwardian. He was bullied constantly all his student life for being effeminate (female like). People used to call him bad names and bullied him. He did his engineering with four months internship in Cyprus, even the people there bulled him so he decided to leave his profession and live in between the transgender community.

After remaining a topper and a devoted student of his college, he could not find any respectable status in this retarded society. After being completely broken, He accepted himself as a shemale because this was the identity imposed on him from childhood. He has put aside all his education and degrees and has become a professional dancer like other shemales of this society. Now, he dances like an object and our courageous men throw money on his body.

Our toxic masculinity has compelled him in to becoming what he is today. Unfortunately our society has lost a brilliant and talented student. In the end I could only say that kindly stop such nonsense acts that could destroy someone’s life and gender should not be the biases of judgment.

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After video has gone viral dolphin said I received calls from different personals and individual who are offering help and are saying that they will provide me jobs. Secondly, as I’ve accepted my faith as a shemale and it’s a fact that I can’t run any organization because I am a shemale. Dolphin also said that I don’t need any help. If anyone wants to help me in true words kindly help me to get asylum in Europe or in Canada so that I can resume my education and thirdly there is another humble request to the media personals that kindly do not approach me for any further interviews it will be nice of you.

Please give this training to your children and younger siblings that they should never bully anyone or never use the word shemale “Hejra” for anyone at all. We can save many lives by giving good brought up to our younger brothers and sons particularly. My suggestion to dolphin will be to resume his engineering profession and not listen to this nonsense. Yes indeed his Life is full of hardships but he must take stand for himself. Well, this is our thought and suggestion if you have any, kindly write it in the comment box below.

3 thoughts on “Story of Dolphin Ayan & Our Society

  1. Yousaf Jan rora dera da afsos khabara da mong la pakar da che dy obaso da dy zay na ao dy khpala zandage jora ky ao mashera kya 1 kha kar waky ao da ezat jowand Ter ky…Ka Mali madad ye pakar we no am ready…

  2. Da de mashere ke dera da apsos kabara da che Yao aijokaited halaek de pa hojro ke gadege de mashere La sharam pakar day der ghzema gunha. Da shemale peghoer warkolo

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