Beirut blast details – is Beirut blast an attack?

You must be in dilemma regarding the Beirut blast and you must be thinking was Beirut blast an attack? In this article, we will give you the detailed information and theories that are floating all over the internet regarding the Beirut blast Lebanon. Muslims and Muslim countries all over the world are going through their hardest times and their portraits are right in front of us like Iraq, Afghanistan, and many others. Now Lebanon is also thrown into this fire. Their situation is already worst, their economic situation devastating, the civil uprising, and so on. 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. The Beirut port was the backbone of Lebanon and now they have lost it too, as mentioned the situation of Lebanon, Lebanon is possibly going to be hit by a major uprising, and the majority of the people say that the one beneficiary from this whole scenario is Israel.

Beirut Blast Details

Now going into further detail, the Beirut port was the backbone of Lebanon economy now the analysts are saying that the one behind this whole scenario is Israel because of their statements and their ideology of greater Israel and the land of Lebanon includes in it but they haven’t given any statement yet of their involvement but analyst says it’s their strategy that they want everyone to know that they have done the act but they never take the responsibility. At first when this incident happened the health minister of Lebanon said that a ship was carrying firecrackers and it somehow exploded but the analyst over the media and other sources says that it is a cover-up story because the scientist is now investigating the scenario and they say it doesn’t look like what the health minister of Lebanon said.

Beirut Blast Report

Scientist says that the magnitude of the blast is extremely high as compared to the normal blast, they moreover said that the magnitude or the Beirut blast impact was 20% (which is a 3-kilo tone of TNT) of the nuclear bomb of what was thrown on Hiroshima by America and it can create an earthquake of 4.3 magnitudes. By analyzing the video it seems that there was something underground that exploded. Some say there was the Hezbollah’s missile factory that why it was targeted by the Israel and Israel chose to hit Lebanon now because they are in the weakest position right now because there are uprisings and their economic situation is devastated, they are also facing the COVID-19 pandemic and hospitals are full so it was the best movement for Israel to do this and it somehow makes quite a sense.

Now some of the locals have also mentioned that missiles were fired on the port, well whatever the case is, one thing is clear that this blast did not occur because of those firecrackers or in other words firecrackers is just a cover-up, even the president of the united states of America gave his statement in the press conference that it was an attack, so the president of a superpower country statement on such occasion couldn’t be ignored. Updates are coming up that in UAE an extreme fire broke out, want to check the detail, click on the link below.

Huge fire breaks out in Ajman Market, UAE

In 2018 PM Netanyahu at UN conference pointed towards the locations where he says the Hezbollah missile factories are located. He also mentioned that the state of Israel has eyes on you if you ever dare to think of attacking Israel. Israel will retaliate and one of the locations he pointed towards was the Beirut port. A few days back the defense minister of Israel asked his army to neutralize the enemy locations. PM of Israel also said in his recent video that he will show Hezbollah what Israel is capable of. Now the intelligence report of different agencies is considering this blast and attack as a nuclear attack.

Now the problem is that the people of the affected area will be facing different diseases as scientists have mentioned that this was a minor nuclear attack. This whole information is extracted from different sources and it is expected that more updates will come out.

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