Attack on a school van in Swat

SWAT: Unknown gunmen opened fire on a school vehicle in Swat Gili Bagh, as a result of which two children were injured, the driver died while one child was shifted to Saidu Sharif Hospital in critical condition.

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As per details, armed men opened fire on the school van in Swat’s Char Bagh which killed the driver and injured a student, police said.

According to the police, the suspect was targeting the driver of the school van who was killed, adding that 10-11 students were present inside the van at the time of the shooting.

The police also confirmed that only one child, sitting in the front seat with the driver, was injured in the attack. They added that the child was out of danger.

When the incident was reported, it was said that two children were injured. However, the other child, who was reported as injured, had fallen unconscious after the shooting after seeing blood on the crime scene. The police said that a search operation is being carried out in the area.

People of Swat seeking justice

Hundreds of students came out to protest in #Swat over growing lawlessness and terrorist attacks demanding @KPGovernment and security forces provide them with security

The attack on a school van in Swat should serve as a wake-up call for the state that appears to be losing its writ in Swat once again. The people of Swat have been protesting against terrorism but their voices are being ignored. Pashtuns are being thrown to the wolves again.

Students and teachers protest in Swat.

2,000 girls and boys walk out of classes accompanied by their teachers in protest after a driver was shot dead and a student critically wounded in an attack on a school bus in Gul Bagh, Swat on Monday. The sit-in will continue until the killers are arrested. Protesters The Swat Valley, where the attack took place, was once overrun by the Pakistani Taliban, who notoriously shot Malala Yousafzai on a school bus in the same city ten years ago.

We will not tolerate anyone’s bullying and wrong decisions in Swat, firing school children in Gulibagh is shameful, and we will not tolerate unrest in Swat anymore

– City Mayor Shahid Ali’s address to the tehsil meeting.


The people of the sit-in in Swat Gali Bagh spent the night on the road and the dead body has also been read. The government has not yet responded to the martyrs.


The body of the school van driver, who was killed by unknown armed men, has been protesting on the road since yesterday morning. The efforts of the negotiation team by the government agencies failed.

Protest of people in Nishat Chowk, Swat.

The Jirga talks organized by the negotiating team and the heirs have not been successful yet. The participants of Gali Bagh dharna kept the dead body on the road and spent the night on the road in the cold. If the demands are not accepted, they can dharna even for a month. People will not follow the false promises of institutions this time. If the killer is arrested, then the sit-in will end immediately. The blunt message of the protesters.

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