Aam Olas: Ep # (6) | Nawagai Qayamat sy Qayamat Tak

Aam Olas Episode 6

Yousaf Jan Utmanzai CEO of Aam Olas has come forth to help the financially weak individuals of Pashtun society, by the financial donation from our humble and generous individuals whom are willing to fight against poverty and want to make the society a better inhabitant for the people facing hurdles and are struggling with poverty.  

Pakistan the land of feudal. Since its time of creation it is under the rule of feudal. Which are known as Khan’s, Malik’s, and Chodri’s and so on. In this episode Yousaf Jan Utmanzai the head of Aam Olas Welfare Organization visited a place in FATA known as Nawagai, Dir, Bajawar which is recently merged into KPK. The purpose of Aam Olas team visit was to highlight the issues whom people of that area were facing. One of the most important and basic one was dearth of water as it was dwindling each day. This is 21st century where Nations have reached the limits of Science and Technology and here in Pakistan our tribal pashtun are fetching water from miles away through donkeys. There are 5 Tube wells in that area, built by the government for public. Unfortunately 3 of them are nonfunctional and the remaining 2 are under the surveillance and in use of feudal in that area. Feudal of that area have built a wall around the precincts of that Tube well. The civics of that area is kept in dark. They had been provided worst education and poor health facilities and forced to live the life of misery. Aam Olas have put forth the issue which those people are facing. We have done our part highlighting the problems. Stand for your rights if you wish and want to have a better life style. The rest is on you!

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