Aam Olas: Ep # (53) | Ror Da Ror Qatil ( Mung Charta Rawan Yo ? )

Aam Olas Episode 53

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed a culprit who killed his brother with a knife. God Almighty created human beings as ashraful makhluqat (i.e. the noblest of all creatures) but when we look around our surrounding you will see acts and doings that are worst than animals. Brother killing brother, the oppressor is oppressing the weak, and so on. In almost every religion the students of religious studies are respected and the same is with our society but they are human beings like us they also do make mistakes but in this case, his mistake is macro.

The culprit that Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed name is Iftekhar who stabbed his brother with a knife on the heart and his death occurred. According to the Police, there was no great reason behind this killing rather just a quarrel over the cell phone and suddenly Iftekhar stabbed his brother. Even the police admitted that the culprit unintendedly killed his brother but still he is the one who killed his brother.

When Yousaf Jan Utmanzai asked the question from the culprit, he accepted the act he has done and regretted it. Moreover, he gave a message to the viewers that try to be patient. So that you could never experience the situation I’m in right now.

There are many situations like this reported in the past but still, we don’t see any improvement in the Pashtun society. Like always in the end I will say to sleep on it and if you have any thoughts kindly do mention in the comment box below.

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