Aam Olas: Ep # (44) | Da Insaf Talabgara (Da Umarzo Qayamat)

Aam Olas Episode 44

In this episode, Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai, visited a village in the region of kpk named Umerzo. Where 3 sons of a mother were killed. The names of the martyrs are sujat, kashif, and shabir it is a fact that whenever there is justice in a society, the society will stand still and In its absence, society starts decomposing and many unfavorable consequences start to rise. The fact that feudalism is still on the peak in third world countries like Pakistan and it is also a fact that only the poor will face accountability or held accountable.

In Umerzo, Kpk there lived a family of three brothers, two sisters, and a mother. The three brother’s names were sujat, kashif and shabir all of the brothers were married and each has 3-4 offspring. The children’s ages vary from 4-5 months to 9-10 years. One day all three brothers were killed by some powerful individual of the area. First, the killer killed the two brothers and then summoned the third brother and also killed him. Now the oppressed family is going through there hardest times. There is no man left in their family. The mother lost her three sons, the sisters lost her three brothers, the wives lost their husbands, and children lost their fathers.

When Yousaf Jan Utmanzai asks a question from the oppressed family member regarding the police and their instigation and FIR the man replied that by saying that “within 10 hours of the incident the killer was in Malaysia” well this raises a Question how did the killer escaped and who provided him with the “NOC”. Well for those who don’t know about the NOC. NOC is a clearance certificate provided by civil force aka Police.

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So from this, it’s clear that the police seem powerless in front of those killers, or in other words, the state seems powerless. Well, the family is now asking for justice and also that their demised sons pay to be resumed so that they could live and give better education to the children. Now there is only a mother with three widows and orphans living in that house. Yousaf Jan Utmanzai said that whenever the police arrest the killer I will ask just one question “why do you have to kill all of the three brothers, at least you could have spared at least one so that he could look after those orphans!”

Well my job was to place this scenario in front of you the rest is on you. If you want to share your thoughts regarding this incident, kindly leave your comment bellow in the comment box.  

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