Aam Olas: Ep # (40) | Sad Story

Aam Olas: Ep # (40)

 Whenever there is a discussion of man, a father, son or a husband the first thing that comes in mind is responsibility, security and care but when it comes to the real world sometimes things happens in the contrast. The gender male which are supposed to be responsible becomes insane. Such cases has been reported in every society even in the so called civilized societies. As Every society possess good and bad people the same applies on Pashtoon society. In this episode a man was interviewed who killed his father, daughter and wife because he suspected that his wife is cheating on him and his daughter is also involved in some kind of in appropriate relationship with someone.

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a place in Mardan where a grown man killed his father, wife and daughter because he suspected that they were cheating on him and thus he killed all of the three with an axe. This convict has 3-4 more children’s but at the time the incident happened they were in School, else they would have also been killed. When the incident happened the police reached the crime scene and arrested the convict and even at that time police were amazed how could a human being so brutal they even asked this question from the convict.

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The convict name is Rahman Ali. He is basically from Dir Kpk but was shifted to Mardan to earn some livelihood. The convict Rahman Ali was living with his father whom age was somewhere, between 60s to 70s,his wife in her 40s,her daughter and 3 to 4 other offspring’s. According to the police the convict committed this killing on suspension but when you watch the video clip that man seemed conformed that his was cheating and his daughter was involved in some kind of relation which was improper or against the religion and culture.

As Yousaf Jan Utmnzai also interviewed the Police Officer and asked questions regarding the convict and his crime and his reply was that such a brutal act can be done by only some insane animal because as mentioned in the Holly Quran that humans are the best of all the creation but what he has done it doesn’t seems that he qualifies that tag of being the best. The police officer also said the he seems to be a psychological patient suffering pathological jealousy. In the end we can only say that Almighty knows the best.

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