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Aam Olas Episode 38

Children’s or offspring’s are supposed to take care of their parents. Talking about the Pashtoon society whenever a girl is born some of the parents or families don’t accept the felicitation gladly but when a boy is born they happily accepts the felicitations and even celebrates it because boys are supposed to take the responsibilities of his family and parents but in today’s case of Aam Olas the opposite has happened. A juvenile boy by the name of Zarar killed his father, his mother by seeing this scenario she also died and all of this happened because of some minor issue.

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed a juvenile boy by the name of Zarar a convict who killed his father. Zarar is a 17 years old boy who has completed his basic education from Abbottabad. He has also spent some time in cadet College but left as he was not interested in studying over there. After he left the Cadet College his father decided to enroll him in a college somewhere in his home town so that he could resume his studies and that he could remain under his surveillance but Zarar wanted to go for further studies to Mardan,i-e a place in Kpk but his father didn’t agreed and Zarar shot him when her mother saw this she also died.

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Yousaf Jan Utmanzai when asked the police officer of the rank DSP regarding this case that convict gave the statement in hospital that someone killed his father i-e may be thief or someone else. When the police officer visited the crime scene and reviewed the boy statement they had a doubt on him however they continued their investigation. While investigating, they also investigated the convict’s youngest brother who told everything to the police.

The police said that the convict tried his best to ditch the police but was caught in the end. The police officer of the rank SHO also commented about the nature and the conduct of the convict that the convict didn’t even respond in the way as he should have, by giving an example he said that even a pet owner feels sad and sometime cries when his pet dies but in case of the convict he didn’t even reacted to his father death. The police were observing him for many days and his attitude make the police certain that the son is the killer and eventually the convict accepted the crime and thus by the effort of the police they finally succeeded in their task.

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