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Aam Olas Episode 35

Money is sweet nectar and everyone wants a drop of it. Every individual in this living world is trying to find a way to this nectar. From individuals some are trying to grasp a skill, some become vassal and some are trying to find a shortcut way to earn money. In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed a culprit who was involved in robbery. The arrested culprit was an informer. It was his first time of stepped into the world of crime.  He provided information to his friend and his friend forwarded that information to a gang, whom then took the action.

There is a famous phrase that a man is known by a company he keeps. The culprit interviewed in this episode belongs to a decent and well respected family. This culprit used to be a laborer in Dubai and remained there for 15 years. There the culprit met a person, by the name of Sher Afzal and they become friend, who gave him the idea of robbery and told the arrested culprit that the money will be equally distributed and the culprit agreed. According to the police the robber gang did this robbery on motorway.  As soon the FIR was written the DIG Police formed a team and assigned them the task.

According to the police for now only one culprit is arrested and the master mind behind this whole scenario is in Dubai he soon will also be under the police custody. The police also highlighted that the absconder gang members are been verified and soon they will also be under the police custody. 

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