Aam Olas: Ep # (346) | Da Kohat Hareem Qatal (Fairy Tale)

Aam Olas Episode 346

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a region in Kpk by the name of Kohat, Karak. Recently another brutal incident happened in Kpk of 4 years old girl who was raped and brutally murdered. Such incidents are on a rise but it seems, the government and the state institutions are busy with something else more important than providing safety, security, and justice to their civics. Being a Muslim we are provided sharia by the Almighty means we are given an Islamic law that is based on the teachings of the Quran and the traditions of PBUH and the first thing which is always emphasized in it is justice.

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Justice is a basic element of society, and of a nation but when there is a delay in it, the nation collapses. The main problem in Pakistan is the delay in justice and in many cases not receiving at all because of which such brutal acts and cases are on a rise. Such incidents of small age girls being raped and their brutal killing has been recorded and it’s obvious many would not even be recorded but the state and the government don’t seem concerned.

This new incident of a 4 years old girl from Kohat Karak, Kpk has been rapped and brutally killed but the stakeholders were unaware of any such incident happened, and because of which the civics are filled with anger and wants justice for that poor life. They want the culprit to be severely punished and made an example.

This brutality should stop. Stand with us in this cause and let’s eliminate this threat from our society and provide safety and security to our children.

3 thoughts on “Aam Olas: Ep # (346) | Da Kohat Hareem Qatal (Fairy Tale)

  1. Asslam alikum yousaf jan bhai: snga ye omed larm cha taso khaa ya,
    Yao request koma: hayat abad drul aman ta lar she alta da jenko halt ogra sa help oky wrsra alta jenka deeery taklif keda sa program pe oky che jenka dasy ghlt qadm na ochty cha bya pa kalono drul aman ke nasty we sok bya tapos nky pelss program pe oky dera manana:reply zaror rky”

  2. Dear Yoysaf Jan Sab,
    I am jahangir shah From Charsadda,dab Banda Maira Prang.
    I am very delighted and glad that you are working very best jobs in AVT Khyber.Aam Olas is very best programe and we are looking every episode of this programe and we are appreciating this programe.Allah will bless upon you because you are the one person who intimate every issues of the society to intorduce the issue and the govt should solve this highlited problems.

    we wish you good luck for future.

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