Aam Olas: # Ep (32) | Da Khpalo Qatil

Aam Olas Episode 32

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a place in the region of KPK known as Sawabi, where an oldest brother killed his youngest stepbrother and shot the others, including his nephew and father. He also shot his stepmother but luckily she survived. The name of this killer is Musaafar S/O Sawaab Gul. Who is in the age of 35-40 and was arrested by the Police after six months. According to the Police, in the past he was also involved in such severe criminal activities such as killings and was arrested before, but later on he was released by the Jirga.

The Jirga made the peace pact between the two groups and thus the culprit was released into the streets again. Jirga is a tribal court which is responsible for the settlement of disputes between Pashtuns, and it is comprised of the elder men from the Pashtun society.  In this case according to the convict his father was unjust with him because of which he took such step. By looking into the past of this convict, we can see a clear picture of him, that he was a barbaric, jealous and aggressive by nature because of which he took this step of killing his brother and shooting his nephew including his own father.

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