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Aam Olas Episode 225

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a region in KPK by the name of Mistry Bandai, where the police captured a drug dealer by the name of Arshad who is in this profession from the last 10 to 15 years and has been to jail for more than 20 times. Yes, people do say that you can earn more money in drugs smuggling and being a drug smuggler but that is one side of the picture, the other side of it is somehow portrayed in this episode of Aam Olas by the one being captured by the Police. As he shares his experience.

Interview with the Police

As usual Yousaf Jan Utmanzai first asked questions from the Police how they captured the culprit and his criminal background. The police said that the culprit named Arshad is being in this profession from the last 10 to 15 years and more than 20 FIR is being registered against him in the account of drug dealing or narcotics smuggling.

The police moreover said that the culprit was arrested a few days back as he was on a motorbike heading towards somewhere but when the Police officer stopped him and searched him they found hashish in his pocket. So they brought him to the police station and an FIR was registered.

Interview with the culprit

When Yousaf Jan Utmanzai asked questions from the culprit he said that yes he has some hashish in his pocket but it was for his personal use not for selling as he moreover mentioned that at first, he used to sell it but then he left this profession. Adding more to it he said that he is tired of his life as he has been to jail many times which affected the aura of his home and now even his offspring curses him for what he is doing and what he has done.

The culprit also illustrated the environment of jail upon insisting of Yousaf Jan Utmanzai. He said that if someone wants to experience hell, he/she should spend just one night in jail and they will grasp it, it’s the worst place to be in as there are too many constraints, quarrels, and so on.

The culprit somehow portrayed the other side of the story and asked the viewers not to get into such a scenario so that you won’t lose your reputation in society and at your home.

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