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Aam Olas Episode 218

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited the University of Peshawar where the university workers also known as class 4, are on strike. These workers include gardeners, security personal, and so on. the purpose of this strike is that they were on contract with the university and each year their contract was renewed but this year the university refused to do so and now more than 300 workers became jobless and the credit goes to Imran Khan the chairman and the PM of Pakistan.

The people of Pakistan gave the vote to Imran khan because of his slogan of Naya Pakistan (new Pakistan) but he didn’t clarify what he meant from Naya Pakistan and the people of Pakistan thought of it positively but after the election things went in the opposite direction. Maybe some people won’t agree with me but the majority will do that decision he took, the one suffered the most in the middle class and lower class.

As I mentioned that the middle and lower class suffered the most, in this episode of Aam Olas you will have a glimpse of that, as we aim to focus on the issue specific to the Pashtun society.

Talking about the KPK the province of Pashtuns has suffered the most like first the terrorism, then flood, and so on and now the elite or the feudal are crushing what is left. We all go to educational institutions to get some education and to get some reputed status in society but here is the opposite of what is happening in KPK or to be a more precise University of Peshawar.

The University of Peshawar has decided to send home more than 300 workers as mentioned above, class 4. These workers are there in the service from 8-12 years at the University of Peshawar and now they are fired from their jobs. These workers were on contract and each year their contracts were renewed. From the last 3-4 months, they didn’t get their salaries and it is really difficult for them to live their life. As they have no other source of income.

The majority of the workers there are highly educated like some have done double M.A in Islamiyat, Urdu, some are graduates and post Graduate but are doing the job a Gardner, office boy, and so on. upon the question asked by some of the workers who are gradated and postgraduates from Yousaf Jan Utmanzai, they replied that they have tried and qualified both the interview and written test for the recruitment of the vacant position like lecturer ships, etc. but we didn’t have any approach because of which we were not selected.

The workers are amazed because they approached the court and the court provided them with a stay order and the University of Peshawar is not accepting it. They are asking is the court order has any reputation or not, is university above the court.

The workers also said HEC is providing this university millions of funds but the university is not allowing any of our funds from the last three to four months and they also pointed precisely one person the registrar of the University of Peshawar and held him responsible for everything.

In the end, they also asked one question from Imran Khan that why is it that each law and rules only applies on the middle and lower class because each decision he took the one most affected from that is us because the higher class don’t even bother about the decision he takes and neither they are affected.

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