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Aam Olas Episode 209

Cause 1125, dated 28.10.2017 Crime 302

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai interviewed a son-in-law who had brought doomsday in the in-laws, divorced the wife, and then killed the father-in-law. Accused Abdullah was arrested dramatically. On the special instructions of DPO Swabi, the district police have started a crackdown against the wanted advertisements in the murder and attempted murder. SHO Swabi Sub-Inspector Farooq Khan led by DSP Swabi, Noorul Amin Khan along with the police team using modern lines, arrested the notorious accused Abdullah Sakina Sadre Jadeed Hal Topi from Tarnol Police Station, Punjab Province.

Accused Abdullah shot dead his father-in-law Haider Khan, resident of Lalu Dheri Bamkhel, on 28.10.2017 while he was returning home from the mosque after offering Zohar prayers. The accused was married to the victim’s daughter but due to family quarrels, the divorce took place about 7/8 months ago. Due to this, there was a verbal altercation between the two parties.

Interview with culprit

The day when the culprit shot his father-in-law, he left his home town and became an absconder and remained absconder for 3 years. upon the question asked by Yousaf Jan Utmanzai regarding the whole story, the culprit said his father-in-law came from Dubai, so his in-laws asked to send his wife so that she could spend some time with her parents and the culprit did so and she spends 7/8 days there but when the culprit whose name is Abdullah visited his in-laws to bring her women back home there he saw that her daughter whom age is 4 was ill, so he asked the in-laws to bring his daughter and wife back home and show his daughter to a doctor but they resisted and the mother-in-law said that they will never allow their daughter to go with him.

Abdullah the culprit asked for the reason but they were not able to present any solid reasoning but still, Abdullah remained patient and would send family members for negotiation but the in-laws never accepted and then the in-laws asked for a divorce. Abdullah said that he never wanted the divorce because his daughter will suffer but he didn’t have any option left.

Even after divorce the in-laws would pressurize Abdullah and would insult him so that he left the area. Abdullah even talked to his ex-father-in-law to stop this son from doing so but his father-in-law also insulted him in front of everyone and slapped him because of which the culprit says that he lost control and fetched a gun and shot his father-in-law and then became an absconder and now after three years he was arrested.

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  1. السلام علیکم. يوسف جان لالا. الله پاک دې روغ جوړ او خوشحاله لره ستا د پروګرامونو په په وجه خپله غصه يخه کم غصه اوسکم ګني اوس به مې 10 يا 12 قتلونه کړي وو. الله پاک د تاسو له جزائ خېر درکړي چې داسې قسمه پروګرامونه کوې چې خلق ترينه عبرت او پند واخلي. خپل مشن جاري او ساتي د چا هم پرواه مکوئ الله تعالی دې ستاسو حفاظت اوکړي امين. ستاسو ورور…. بونیر…

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