Aam Olas: Ep # (201) | Ujrati … Sari Sar 3 Lakha

Aam Olas Episode 201

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited a police station where the culprits were interviewed. In this case, three people are involved first is the mastermind second the informer and third is the assassinator. The mastermind gave the assassinator 3lac for this killing. The mastermind of this killing said that the demised one will do complaints against him to DC (deputy commissioner) and other state officials. Our religion Islam has always mentioned that killing a human is equivalent to the killing of the whole humanity but we do not bother to grasp this statement.

Yousaf Jan Utmanzai first asked the question form the police officer regarding the case and they replied that they were informed by the locals that a dead body has been found and when the police visited the crime scene, they saw that the demised one was shot 7-8 times. When the police started the investigation they didn’t have any clue, the murderer was unknown and there was no evidence but after a month of investigation they were able to capture the culprits. When interviewed the mastermind of this killing, he said that the demised one will do complaints against him to DC (deputy commissioner) and other state officials that I manufacture and distribute low quality food products and whenever our cargo would set out for market the police would stop it because of the demised one complaint.

The mastermind also said that I have asked the demised one several times not to interfere but he didn’t understand. He would do a complaint and raid without any reason would be called off and each week this would happen so he left me no choice rather assassinating him. Moreover, the culprit said that his product was up to the mark but the police disagreed with the culprit rather the police said that their product quality was below the standard that’s why the demised one did all those complaints.

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