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Aam Olas Episode 163

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai  visited a region in Kpk by the name of Takkal where a recent incident happened of Eshaal who was killed by her uncle in Peshawar. This incident becomes viral on social media and the viewers asked Yousaf Jan Utmanzai to interview him so that they could get the real picture. The convict’s name is Fazal Hayat his age is above the 50s and is non-married. The child who has been killed, the name is Eshal and her age is 7 years. According to the Police, the killer is a hypocrite and is blaming the parents of the demised child that they provoked him to take such steps so that they could send me to jail and get the property.

Further, the police said that both brothers, the killer, and the father of Eshal are having some dispute regarding the property and it seems that the main reason behind this killing is also the property. The police also said the killer confessed that he was irritated by the noise and asked eshal to stop when she didn’t, he opened fire. He shot Eshal on the neck and she died there on the spot. After that, he vanished from the scene but was arrested in Landi Kotal 5-6 days later.

Upon question asked by the police from Yousaf Jan Utmanzai regarding the main problem with our society, the police replied that there is only one problem, if we ever make to overcome that, half of our problems will be solved and that is tolerance, even in this case the main reason is intolerance, if the uncle could have tolerated, Eshal would have lived. While mentioning the point of the killer, that he was irritated by the noise, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai said that there is an airport near your house aka Takkal Airport doesn’t the sound bother you or makes you irritated, there are a lot of ambulances on the road going here and there with their sirens ON, doesn’t that bother you.

Upon asking such questions from the killer, the killer was confident and relaxed, his only reply was that her time was up that’s why she died and also said that he does not blame himself for this killing but rather blamed her parents for this killing, that they have sacrificed their child to get the property. He also said that it was pre-planned and when I picked the gun and shot the girl, her mother was making a video of me on her cellphone so that it could be used against me in the court.

In short Yousaf Jan Utmanzai asked him several times that, does he feel any guilt for what he has done and each time he would say that her time was up. Well, we have put forth the whole case in front of you upon your request, the rest is on you. Kindly let us know about your thoughts or statements in the comment box below.

10 thoughts on “Aam Olas: Ep # (163) | Da Tehkal Kaky

  1. Lala! I am MBBS student fro mardan, your old fan.

    Lala! Pa nan program Ep#180 ke der jazba ke lagya way sanga che ba Pakhaimanay ke way. Nan om pa alfazo ke der zor wu. Nan pata lage da che Yousaf Jan program ta nast yam.

    Lala! Taso nan we che zama program na sok ibrat nakhli, nu sa okam Mike maat kam?

    Na Lala, staso almost 5 million meenawal de Che taso sara dera meena lare. Pa de ke zaroori na da che 5 million staso da program na ibrat wakhli. Agha che kam staso program na ibrat akhli, nu agha jail ta na ze, nu taso la zaka makhe ta na darze. Pa de 5 million ke che 10 kasan hm staso program na ibrat wakhli nu kaafi da. Zaka che khabara sirf da 10 kasano na e bia, de ke har kas sara 5 o 6 khaandan attach we, kam Che staso pa waja da gham na bach she.

    Zama da eeman dy, che taso sara ba Allah ado hisaab na kai.

    Allah de khushala sata. Der jwand de ghwaram.

    Staso da jawab intizar ba we. Allah pa Aman.

  2. Lala pa nokhar manki shareef k che koma waqia shewe da
    yo Mashoom 2.5 year pas koy na rawowestly sho 😓😢

  3. So as per his stupid statement that Ezrael (A.S) was responsible for this, why we have courts and police system, just forgive all the killers in the world because it’s Ezrael (A.S) doing this.

    1. Der bad kar ye kare de ws munapiqat hum kawi ……ho ghwaro che da de case da trail hum de olas ta lag pa daga kedi no ha ba wa che adalat pki sa okro mazeed…no dera ba ha wa

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