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Aam Olas Episode 136

In this episode of Aam Olas, Yousaf Jan Utmanzai visited Peshawar to get some coverage of the ongoing strike of tribal Pukhtoons in front of the Provincial assembly of Kpk Pakistan. In the rest of the country or even in the world you will see people holding sticks burning tires and doing damage to the private and public property it would not be wrong to say that the so called civilized states and its civilized individuals does that but in this case you will see none but rather they are recording their strike by doing an traditional dance by the name ‘Attan’ with the music of dhool. It is indeed an exemplary act of these trials and is showing the peaceful picture of Tribal and in the whole, the Pakhtoon’s.

Yousaf Jan Utmanzai also mentioned that ‘Who in this world, when asked to leave his business and his village for the sack of his country but the Pashtoon’s agreed as were told to bring peace in the country. Not just this but these pakhtoon’s stand in the hot day in the queue for searching. These Pakhtoon’s migrated from their home towns just for the sack of Pakistan so that the army could do there operation and clear the mess of terrorism from the country because they are peaceful individuals of this country and want peace.

As Yousaf Jan Utmanzai stated that the whole country should be thankful to them. These people are on strike from the last one and half month they haven’t blocked the roads or pavements and are doing peaceful strike. Still through all these hurdles they are praises Pakistan “long lives Pakistan”. In reality they are the one whom have sacrificed everything for Pakistan.

Now from the last one and half month these brave and peaceful tribal pakhtoons are asking for their agreements with the government and state to be fulfilled as agreed upon regarding the distracted patrimony. In the operation against terrorism the tribal areas are the most effected rather the districts are destroyed. The government officials in the presence of GOC Pakistan Army an agreement was signed that at least 15% of the finical help will being provided to the , still the tribal’s have agreed as they stated that something is better than nothing.

One year ago the Government and the state signed this agreement but Later on the Government and the state stepped back from their signed agreement with tribal’s and said the Government will pay even lesser from the agreed amount but the tribals disagreed with it and stated that the amount is too low to rebuild their home towns.

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According to the agreement those land demolished in making roads and parks, their owners will be given 45-lac for 1 Marla. The second term of agreement stated that those owners whom buildings are destroyed will be given 45k per square feet and the third term was that those inhabitants who have migrated to other areas because of the war and their property is affected by the war will be added to the list.  

Indeed the tribal Pashtoon’s are going through their hard times as they have no hope left but still they are praising Pakistan “Long lives Pakistan”. Rather than ignoring, the Government and the state should take some steps to resolve their problems and provide them with their right before it’s too late and things gets out of control as things got out of controlled in the past and were then labeled as rebels.

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  1. Yousaf jan bahi !
    Mere khwaish ha, aik bar app sey bat kiro , min Pakistan sey bogut door ho , min Afgnistan ki ho, maghar mere birth Pakistan key hain aur mujhi bogut pyar hain Pakistan or Afghanistan dono sey , aik bar app sey bat kirna chti ho , koi Nummber ho tu send kiri .

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